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Data reduction is

Despite efforts to broaden the definition of incomes for the purpose of measuring poverty, in many countries statistical agencies still use definitions that fail to account for the consumption that occurs out of 'non-income' resources such as savings and assets, borrowing, and some forms.
This difference in the definition of poverty should be kept in mind when comparing the following graph to those discussed in other sections of this entry.
The following graph show this relationship between average incomes (GDP per capita) and the share of the population living in extreme poverty.
As we point out above, there are many other complementary ways of measuring deprivation.It shows life expectancy at birth on the vertical axis, against poverty rates (for a poverty line equivalent.10 int.- per day) on the horizontal axis.In Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, the number of people in extreme poverty has increased, but since 2010, the absolute number of people in extreme poverty is declining in all world regions.2016 and Castaneda.The following chart shows this by plotting poverty rates in the world, with and without China.But how well does concours technicien informatique fonction publique 2018 this simplifying omission capture the reality of people living there?If the first calories that we consume are used by our body to survive, rather than to provide the strength required to work it is possible that those in extreme poverty get stuck in a perverse equilibrium characterized by low incomes and low nutrition: poor.The other lines exclude different countries, depending on whether they have comparable and good-quality data.Also, because flash storage offers such high performance, the overhead of performing deduplication has less of an impact than it would on a disk system.Bryan, Chowdhury, and Mobarak (2013) 29 argue that households close to subsistence are often unwilling to take the risk of migration; but they become more willing to do so if insured against this risk.(2016) 39 provide further details.This evaluation technique consists in administering the policy intervention to a random group of individuals (the 'treatment group and evaluating the effect by comparing outcomes against another group of individuals who were not affected by the policy (the 'control group.How are income and expenditure surveys actually conducted?It is truly a testament to our development proficiency.The number of extremely poor people in the world is 3 times lower than in 1970.Even if we consider realistic confidence intervals, the trends hold.The above discussion of data limitations in the context of World Bank poverty estimates highlights an important fact: any estimate of povertyof either its level or change over timeis surrounded by a margin of error.You can read more about this chart in our blog post on this topic.Where does this number come from?
This poverty measurement is based on the monetary value of a person's consumption.

This is the result of exceptionally high income inequality.