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Reduction definition medical

reduction definition medical

Ductus, to lead back reduction The restoration of a displaced or broken part of the body to its proper position or alignment by manipulation or other surgical procedure.
The act or process of reducing.
The purpose is to prevent or reduce later deformity, to encourage healing and normal use of the bone and/or joint and limb, and reduce pain.
A closed reduction is accomplished by applying traction at or across the fracture to relax and lengthen the muscles then manipulating the bone fragments back into position and holding this newly achieved position with a cast or splint.Mentioned in: Fractures, Methemoglobinemia reduction.Lawrence, phoebe idée cadeau homme 30 ans quebec wall howard, greg gardner, Detroit Free Press, "Ford.2, FCA down 13, GM slides.2 in October 1 Nov.Flatulence reduction in the nursing pompes direct code promo interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as the prevention of flatus formation and facilitation of the passage of excessive gas.Recent Examples of reduction from the Web, their main achievement this year was a 16 percent reduction in Amazon deforestation, following several years of steady rise.If a fracture is described as "nondisplaced" or in "anatomic position no reduction maneuver is required to improve position, since the fracture is already in an appropriate position.Many voters want to see some reduction of the deficit.This usually occurs in an individual who has experienced multiple dislocations of a joint and the joint ligaments remain abnormally stretched or torn.2017 The biggest financial change for Elgin may be the reduction in money collected from the Grand Victoria Casino, said Council Member John Steffen.In: Browner BD, Jupiter JB, Krettek C, Anderson PA, eds.Take THE quiz Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.Yes, researches indicate that the normal weight adults tend to eat more fiber and fruit dirt bike ycf promo than people who are overweight or obese.Bleeding reduction: nasal in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as the limitation of blood loss from the nasal cavity.Test Your Vocabulary January 2018 Words of the Day Quiz Which of these is a synonym of bespoke?

Anxiety reduction in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as minimizing apprehension, dread, foreboding, or uneasiness related to an unidentified source of anticipated danger.
Angle of reduction in the Ortolani maneuver, the point at which the femoral head returns to the acetabulum.